EZ Money Overview

EZ Money is the leading licensed Money Services Business (MSB) Company in East Malaysia operating a network of 24 branches; 16 in Sabah and 8 in Sarawak.   Including our licensed agents, our network now covers the Peninsular Malaysia region.

We provide a wide range of products and services related to money remittance and currency exchange. Our diversified customer base includes people from many different walks of life, ranging from foreign workers, expatriates, tourists, entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations, all of whom utilize our services to ensure reliable and efficient remittance and currency exchange services.

We offer remittance services to over 200 different countries around the world, specializing in remittances to Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, China and India. We are partnered with several major banks in the ASEAN region. This means that you, as our Customer, have access to the best remittance networks using the most efficient remittance services. In addition, we offer retail and corporate currency exchange services with a key focus on inbound and outbound tourists in East Malaysia and local trading companies. Using our extensive clearing network and partnership with wholesale currency suppliers, we are able to provide you with highly competitive exchange rates for all major currencies.

We aim to become the preferred choice for all your remittance and currency exchange needs in Malaysia.