Careers with EZ Overview

At EZ Money, we do not think that the workplace should be limited to a 9 to 5 space for our people, instead, we believe in cultivating an environment for every single one of our people to gain new experiences and develop themselves, both personally and professionally. As a Money Services Business company with extensive operations across Malaysia, there are a multitude of opportunities for you to gain new knowledge and experiences in your everyday work. In addition, we actively place our people in new and exciting situations in order to encourage out of the box thinking and problem solving.

At EZ Money, you will not only be working with leaders and pioneers of the Money Services Business industry, but alongside the very best and brightest within the region. You will have the opportunity to take charge of challenging and innovative projects, all the while being supported by your colleagues and mentored by your seniors. There are no limits to where your career with EZ Money may take you and how far you go is limited only by your goals, passion and your drive to succeed. So why not join our team and see just how far your talent and potential will bring you. Your Career with EZ begins today.