Our Value Proposition

At EZ Money, our goal is not just to achieve success as a company, but for our people to also succeed alongside us. Hence, we have created our value proposition to our people based on the word success, in order to better facilitate a workplace that is conducive towards this ideal and where our people are able to thrive and succeed in what they do. Below is our value proposition to our people based on the acronym for the word success,  in which we emphasize the importance of our people being successful in work and also in the achievement of personal goals and aspirations. Here at EZ Money, success is what we aim for and also our value proposition to you, in that, by working together with us, we promise you will achieve success not just in work, but in life as well.

Solid Brand

You will be working with a company with a strong, solid brand that will only grow from strength to strength as EZ Money expands its operations across Asia. With our trusted branding and reputation as a leading Money Services Business company in the region, you will be a part of a company that is made to succeed and a brand that is built to last.

Unity and Teamwork

At EZ Money, our people stand united and work together in order to achieve our overall company goals. You will have the opportunity to work with people from a wide range of skills and backgrounds, all of whom will be just as ready and willing to work with you together as a team to achieve your collective goals.

Constructive Culture

Here at EZ Money, we promote a constructive culture where productive communication between our people is strongly encouraged and where everyone’s voice and ideas can be heard.

Competitive Remuneration

We provide highly competitive remuneration that is based on your on the job performance and achievements, alongside bonus incentive packages that provide further rewards for outstanding performance.

Equal Opportunities

We do not discriminate based on race, religion, age, background or gender at EZ Money. Our people are all provided with fair and equal opportunities to prove themselves in what they do.

Social Responsibility

At EZ Money, we understand that our people are socially responsible individuals who want to do something to give back to the communities around them. EZ Money supports this by providing time off work for social responsibility endeavours and also small financial contributions towards such initiatives.

Self Improvement

You will be provided with self improvement and development opportunities while working with us, including skills and training certifications,  higher education subsidies and other continuous learning programs and initiatives as part of your job at EZ Money.