Rewards and Benefits

We provide highly attractive rewards and benefits packages for our people here at EZ Money, because we understand that while your job may provide you with a certain level of satisfaction, it would not be complete without remuneration which fairly and adequately compensates your performance and incentives that make you feel valued and appreciated for your work.

At EZ Money, we offer highly competitive remuneration packages which reward high performance and achievements, alongside a bonus incentive scheme which provides further rewards for excellence and outstanding performance. Our people are appraised regularly on their performance and their remuneration packages adjusted accordingly in line with their improved performance and increased productivity. Our remuneration packages recognize the individual contributions of our people towards the achievements of our company’s objectives, ensuring that they are well rewarded for their efforts and achievements.

Our benefits packages are one of the best in the industry, providing benefits such as healthcare and insurance plans, zero interest personal loans, extended study leave, extended maternity and paternity leave, flexible working hours, employee incentive holidays, weekly social gatherings and sports and recreational equipment and facilities.