Payroll Remittance

EZ Money provides payroll remittance services for corporate customers who need to pay their employees, affiliates, agents, vendors and/or creditors in bulk overseas. Our payroll remittance service enables your company to provide all relevant remittance information including beneficiary details, bank account information and payment amount to EZ Money online. EZ Money will process the payroll remittance transactions upon receiving  payment confirmation from your company. Payroll remittance services are especially suitable for companies which employ many foreign migrant workers, as our payroll remittance services can be customized to be linked to your payroll system to automatically remit their salaries directly to their overseas accounts.

Below are a list of reasons why you should use EZ Money for your company’s payroll remittance requirements: –

  • Simple and Hassle Free Service (minimal input required from your company to conduct payroll remittance)
  • Competitive Service Fees
  • Delivery of Funds on Same Day
  • Improve Your Company’s Cash Management Through Direct Payroll/Current Account Debit
  • Trusted Licensed Money Services Provider with Extensive Payroll Remittance Experience Regionally

If you are interested in our payroll remittance services or have any queries regarding our services, kindly contact our Corporate Sales team at +6 019 805 3868 or email

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