Business to Business Remittance

EZ Money provides business to business remittance services to facilitate payments from local companies in Malaysia to other companies domestically and/or overseas. Using EZ Money’s business to business remittance service, your company can remit up to a maximum of RM 250,000.00 to another company located within Malaysia or overseas, with funds being credited directly into the designated bank account within two business days. Whether your company is making payment to a supplier, conducting settlement with a subsidiary or meeting payroll requirements, EZ Money’s business to business remittance service will facilitate it, connecting your business to the international trade network.


For companies which require remittance of more than RM 250,000.00, EZ Money is able to seek approval from Bank Negara Malaysia to increase the maximum remittance remit for transaction up to RM 50,000,000.00.

Below are a list of reasons why you should use EZ Money for your company’s business to business remittance requirements: –

  • Preferential Corporate Foreign Exchange Rates for Your Business to Business Remittance
  • Funds Delivery Within Two Business Days
  • Flat Service Charge of RM 20 per Transaction
  • Simple and Hassle Free Service (company documentation required only for initial on boarding and due diligence)
  • Extensive Business to Business Remittance Network (through RENTAS and SWIFT)

If you are interested in our business to business remittance services or have any queries regarding our services, kindly contact our Corporate Sales team at +6 019 805 3868 or email

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