MSB Agency

If your company is closely related with foreign workers and/or tourists or has potential synergies with remittance and/or money changing, why not consider becoming our Money Services Business (MSB) Agent. EZ Money’s MSB Agents will be able to obtain an official MSB Agent license, be provided access to EZ Money’s extensive network of currency trade partners throughout Malaysia for money changing and also receive generous commissions for each remittance transaction conducted by your business. Everything which you will require to become an MSB Agent for EZ Money, including training, systems and network access will be provided for by EZ Money, so why wait, become an MSB Agent today.

Below are a list of reasons why you should become an MSB Agent for EZ Money:-

  • Generous Commissions for Every Remittance Transaction Conducted by Your Business
  • Access to EZ Money’s Extensive Network of Currency Trading Partners for Your Money Changing Business
  • Receive Valuable MSB Agent License for Remittance and Money Changing
  • Zero Agency Costs
  • Full Backing and Support From Leading Money Services Provider

If you are interested in being an MSB Agent for EZ Money or have any queries regarding the MSB Agency, kindly contact our Corporate Sales team at +6 019 805 3868 or email

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