Trade Settlement

EZ Money provides trade settlement services for our corporate customers by settling any trade related payments with your designated trade partner on your behalf. For exporters, we can receive your foreign currency and conduct settlement with your designated trade partner in Ringgit Malaysia and for importers, we can receive your Ringgit Malaysia and conduct settlement with your designated trade partner in the foreign currency of your choice. We ensure that your trade settlement is conducted securely, efficiently and easily on behalf of your organization so you can focus on the more important things for your business.

Below are a list of reasons why you should use EZ Money for your company’s trade settlement: –

  • Preferential Corporate Foreign Exchange Rates for Your Trade Settlement Payment
  • Timely Settlement of Funds
  • Zero Charges (excluding landing charges for settlement with overseas accounts)
  • Simple and Hassle Free Service (company documentation required only for initial on boarding and due diligence)
  • Trusted Licensed Money Services Provider with Extensive Trade Settlement Experience Regionally

If you are interested in our trade settlement services or have any queries regarding our services, kindly contact our Corporate Sales team at +6 019 805 3868 or email

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