EZ Money’s corporate social responsibility program contributes 2% of our total profits towards programs and initiatives which benefit those who need our assistance most. At EZ Money, we believe in doing our part in making their lives easier.

At EZ Money, we believe in growing, not at the expense of, but alongside the local environment and community. We believe that it is only by growing in a manner that is sustainable for our company and its surroundings that we can truly develop and achieve success. As such, EZ Money engages in various programs and initiatives which assist the people and communities around which our businesses operate. Most of these programs and initiatives are carried out in collaboration with non-profit government organizations, community groups and other similar minded companies. At present, EZ Money contributes 2% of our total annual profits towards our corporate social responsibility program in order to benefit those who require our assistance most.

Some of our major corporate social responsibility programs include: –

Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu

Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu (SIKK) is a school for the children of Indonesian migrant workers based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The school provides free education for all of its students, subsidized in part by donations and sponsors, of which EZ Money is a participant. As part of EZ Money’s corporate social responsibility, we provide contributions for most of SIKK’s events, including Sports Day, Graduation and Hari Kemerdekaan celebrations. We also sponsor exercise books, school bags and stationery for all SIKK students because we believe education is the best gift that can be given to children, regardless of who they are or what their circumstances.

Don Bosco Children’s Home

The Don Bosco Children’s Home was set up in 1966 and currently houses 65 orphan children. The Children’s Home is fully sponsored by the Sabah Catholic Welfare group with donations and support from the general public. As part of EZ Money’s corporate social responsibility, our employees have set up a EZ Cares for Don Bosco Group, the sole mission and objective of which is to make visits to the Children’s Home and conduct programs and activities in support of the Children’s Home and its caretakers and residents, including assisting the caretakers in their chores, providing entertainment to the children and giving small donations to support the Children Home’s noble cause.

Migrant Workers’ Handbook

EZ Money sponsors the Migrant Workers’ Handbook initiative together with the Konsulate Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI) Kota Kinabalu to provide free Handbooks to all Indonesian migrant workers entering East Malaysia. The Handbooks provide important information such as the contact details of the nearest Indonesian embassy, Malaysian immigration rules and regulations, the responsibilities of companies employing migrant workers, migrant workers’ rights and the locations of basic necessities and services. We sponsor the Handbooks as part of our corporate social responsibility to ensure that migrant workers, who are entering a foreign country with which they are unfamiliar and far away from their friends and family, are fully aware of their rights, understand their responsibilities and also know where to seek assistance should they require.