Our commitment to our customers:-

As you step into our branches and agencies, we assure you that we will listen to you carefully and then discuss our available options. We won’t promise you what we can’t deliver. But what we promise you is this: whenever you need to send money fast and securely, you can trust our well trained staff to handle that for you. This is our guarantee.

We recognize the importance of public trust and confidence in our products and services. As such, we follow all regulations and guidelines set by regulators including Bank Negara Malaysia on privacy protection standards to ensure you have peace of mind when using our products and services.

We are committed at all times, in ensuring that any disclosure of our products and services is fair and accurate. We shall not for this purpose engage in deceptive, misleading or false representations with regards to the products and services that we provide.

2.1 Before agreeing to undertake a remittance transaction we shall provide you with the following information:
(a) The total fee that you, the sender, will be charged by us for the transaction. If we believe that the person to whom you send the money may also have to pay a fee, then we will tell you.
(b) The exchange rate that we will apply to your transaction.
(c) Information on where the receiver should collect the money from and what steps they have to take to collect it.
(d) An indication of when the funds will be available at the organization to which you are sending the money.
(e) Information on cancellation or complaints procedures and any charges for cancelling or amending a transaction.

2.2. Upon completion of a transaction we shall provide you with the following in writing:
(a) A receipt or transaction reference number that is unique to your payment.
(b) Confirmation of the date on which we received your instructions and the exact amount we are sending for you in the currency specified in your instructions.
(c) The fees that you have paid to us for this service.
(d) The amount that the receiver will collect in the currency that the money will be paid/credited.
(e) The exchange rate that has been applied to your transaction where this is available.
(f) Information on where the receiver can collect it or confirmation of the bank to which the money has been sent.
(g) The best estimated time when the money will be available for the receiver.
(h) In the case of cash collections, what the receiver has to do in order to collect the money.
(I) The procedure to follow if you wish to make a complaint about this transaction, together with an indication of how long it will take us to provide an answer.

2.3 For Foreign Currency Exchange, we shall tell you the exchange rates that apply to the types of foreign currency notes that you wish to buy or sell. Upon completion of the transaction(s), we shall provide you with a receipt for each and every type of foreign currency notes and the total value in Ringgit exchanged together with the exchange rate(s) that has/(have) been applied to your transaction(s).

It is important that you, as our customer, receive reliable and quality service from our team of dedicated staff at all times. Hence, we are committed to ensure our staff are resourceful, courteous and pro-active while serving you. Your satisfaction endears us to put consistent efforts to provide the highest standards of service that you can always depend on.

We work constantly to develop our products and services by using advanced financial technology to improve the quality of our services and help you transfer your money safely and conveniently in more channels than one. Our competitive rates will be made known to you prior to performing the transaction. Your satisfaction shall be our priority.

You are important to us. That’s why we welcome and encourage your inquiries, complaints and feedback – good as well as negative – regarding our products and services. These will help us go the extra mile to identify, improve and resolve any issues promptly and fairly. At the same time, we view these as opportunities for us to understand and manage your requirements in order to serve you better.

We aim to ensure that our trained staff provide a prompt and satisfactory response at all times.

Please let us know where we can help by contacting us at info@ezmoneyexpress.com.my or call our Customer Care Officers at: +60 88 275 119 / 016-832 5516.