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EZ Money now provides money changing services by phone. If you have previously registered your details in person at any EZ Money branch and/or have previously used our EZ Money Pay mobile app to conduct money changing, you are eligible to do money exchange over the phone. Simply call our Customer Care hotline, provide your full name and how much local and/or foreign currency you want to exchange and our dedicated Customer Care representatives will do the rest. Upon confirmation from our Customer Care representatives that the money changing transaction has been conducted successfully, you will be able to visit your nearest EZ Money branch to make payment and pick up the currencies you have exchanged. It’s that easy.


Once our Customer Care representatives provide confirmation that the money changing transaction has been completed successfully, you will be obligated to conduct currency exchange with EZ Money at the relevant exchange rates provided.

For more information, kindly contact our Customer Care through Live Chat by clicking here. Alternatively, you may also call our Customer Care Hotline on 088-272-985 or send us an email at

If you are a first time customer and have not previously registered with EZ Money, you will need to visit your nearest EZ Money branch to register in person before you can utilize EZ Money’s money changing by phone service.

Interested in other ways you can do money changing? Click here to see the other ways you can do currency exchange.

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