EZ Money’s terms and conditions for our products and services are there to ensure that EZ Money’s responsibilities are clearly outlined, our customers’ rights appropriately safeguarded and makes it easier for us to meet your expectations.

Terms & Conditions

1. Application Form & Customer Information

The customer is responsible for all information provided by them to EZ Money Express in the Application Form and the customer agrees to provide accurate and precise information to facilitate fast delivery of funds by EZ Money Express. The customer also agrees to allow EZ Money Express to keep the details in its database and to update any of the information in order to comply with the AML/CFT regulations. Customer shall ensure that all information herein is accurate and correct. The crediting to the beneficiary’s account will be based on the ACCOUNT NUMBER written on the application form and no other details.

2. EZ Money Express Services

All remittance services offered are exclusively EZ Money Express proprietary products and services. EZ Money Express shall have the liberty to select at its discretion any service type, counterpart or agency in its network for effective funds transfer and distribution purposes. Remittance transactions will generally be credited into beneficiary accounts not exceeding a period of seven (7) working days, barring delays that arise because of local regulations or causes beyond the control of EZ Money Express.

3. Data Protection

EZ Money Express is committed to protect customer privacy but may share the information with foreign counterparts/ agents / banks as required by regulators in foreign jurisdiction. Please read our Personal Data Protection Notice For Customers which can be found at any branch for details on how we process/protect your personal data.

4. Funds Source

The customer shall disclose the source of funds to remit through EZ Money Express if required and provide EZ Money Express with only legitimate funds in Malaysia Ringgit (RM).

5. Funds Transaction Limit

Maximum permissible transaction amounts may apply in accordance with current EZ Money Express operating procedures. Any registered customer may transfer not more than RM50,000 per day, within the EZ Money Express network, irrespective of the number transaction

6. Usage of information

All customer and beneficiary information will be shared among EZ Money Express subsidiaries, branches, counterparts, agents and sub agents for marketing and promotional purposes.

7. No additional charges

Beneficiaries will receive the net remittance amount indicated on the front of the Application Form without any back end charges other than local taxes, if any.

8. Foreign exchange rate

The applicable foreign exchange rate for each remittance transaction is indicated on the front of the receipt for the specific remittance transaction.

9. Cancellation Information

A request for a cancellation by the Customer can only be made within the same day of the transaction date and the contracted rate indicated on the Receipt will be utilized to process the refund upon approval of the cancellation request. The refund shall be made only at EZ Money Express’s sole option and be subject to the terms and conditions of EZ Money Express. EZ Money Express is entitled to reimbursement for the expenses so incurred by itself and any of its appointed counterparts, agents and sub agents. All service charges collected are non refundable.

10. Refund Information

Refund of any remittance will be made only after EZ Money Receives a written confirmation of effective cancellation of the remittance from its correspondence or agent and an acceptable letter of indemnity from the customer. The contracted rate indicated on the receipt will be utilized to process the refund upon approval of the refund request. Refunds shall be made only in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) less charges and expenses.

11. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall EZ Money Express be responsible for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages, costs, expenses, fees, interest payments, taxes, liabilities or losses, for delay, non-delivery, non-payment or underpayment of this money transaction, whether due to the fault, error or omission of EZ Money Express or its representative, except as otherwise provided by law. No liability is accepted for variances or service delays due to local regulations or causes beyond the control of EZ Money Express including Act of God or Force Majeure. In cases where liability does exist, this liability shall not exceed the aggregate remitted amount excluding the service charge.

12. Legal Jurisdiction

All remittances are subject to the rules and regulations issued by the respective countries’ supervisory authorities.

13. Complaints/ Disputes

If you wish to lodge a complaint, please contact our Head of Operations at Mobile: +6 016 832 8098 (Operation hours: from Monday to Friday, 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM). We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, within the seven (7) working days.

14. Discrepancies/ Non-Delivery of Transactions

Any discrepancies or non-delivery of funds should be referred to by presenting the relevant receipt at the branch where the transaction was originally conducted within sixty (60) days from the date of transaction failing which EZ Money Express reserves the right not to entertain any requests.

15. Governing Language

These Terms and Conditions have been prepared, and will be executed, in the English language, which shall be the governing language for all purposes. If there is any difference between the English and other version of these conditions, the English version will apply.

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